Providing real-time, highly visual, custom dashboards powered by operational data from your PI System.

Does everyone in your company have access to critical operational information in real-time, from any location, using a web browser or mobile device?

Your company has expensive assets, like wind turbines, solar panels, or manufacturing equipment, which are vital to ensuring that you can deliver value to your customers. Being able to monitor, in real-time, the performance of these important assets is key. This should be presented simply and be easily accessible by everyone in your organization.

Is your PI System solving this problem of data visualization and data access?

A recent client of mine, a large utilities company, had invested years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their PI System. They grew frustrated as their operational data was used only by a small number of people. Their investment had not produced the value they expected.

After evaluating the past attempts to deliver meaningful information to the company, I established a strategy and detailed road-map that would finally get them to the finish-line. A real-time web-based platform was created that delivered simple, yet powerful, data visualizations that answered many fundamental business questions. Everyone can access the platform, anytime, and quickly see the current status of all major, income generating, assets. Their PI System has become a relevant and exciting technology once again. Non-PI trained folks are now able to access and realize the value that time-series data can bring.

"...we have seen our vision come to life and turn into a reality."


Working with Lonnie has been much more beneficial than I anticipated. His professionalism combined with his affable personality allowed seamless integration with the team and we have seen our vision come to life and turn into a reality.

Our visualization platform is going further than we imagined. We started with a relatively primitive tool that had less than a handful of users. Once Lonnie came on board, that tool was transformed into a robust, beautiful suite that hosts several operational digital products. We now have over 150 regular users and increased demand for more. Users like the intuitive layouts, ease of use, speed and behavior of the applications. They have confessed that this is something they’ve been waiting for. Furthermore, we are now being asked to take these tools to our international subsidiaries, bringing that value to a global audience.


Jason Nunez

Manager, Operational Intelligence – EDF Renewable Energy

About Lonnie Bowling

Data Interaction Expert at Diemus

Veteran software developer with 20+ years of working with industrial data and crafting solutions.


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Lead for several small development teams

Extensive consulting experience in many industrial sectors, such as utilities, life science, and manufacturing

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