Ways to Engage With Me

PI System On-Site Assessment - $45,000

Do you feel like you could be leveraging your PI System more to deliver value? Do people have difficulty in accessing and using your PI Data? Does your PI System have performance, reliability, and data quality issues that are holding you back from depending on it more? Engage with me for a detailed On-Site Assessment. I will take a comprehensive look at your current system, including architecture and data governance, and interview administrators, stakeholders, and users. This will give me a complete picture of your current data challenges and future needs. 


From this, you will receive a detailed recommendations report with prioritized items to maximize your investment. This report will be a combination of technical and non-technical information to help lay a solid foundation and strategic plan for the future, ensuring that your PI System is a key technology that you can depend on for your time-series data requirements.

PI System Cloud Migration Strategy - $30,000

Does your company have a Digital Transformation Initiative?  Are you considering migrating your on-premise PI solution to the cloud? There are many things to consider when it comes to developing a plan to move to the cloud, but identifying the reasons and value to be delivered is key. This is where I start. From there I evaluate your current architecture, PI System utilization, and any existing migration plans you may have. Looking at the longer term goals of your business, I work with you and your team to develop a sensible and practical road-map to make this transition a success.

OSIsoft Cloud Services Intensive - $12,500

Are you considering moving your time-series database to the cloud using OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS)? Does your team need to get up-to-speed quickly on this emerging technology? If so, this two day, on-site intensive workshop may be what you need. I will travel to your location and guild up to six people per session with the ins and outs of OCS. This will be focused on real-world use-cases and tailored to your business.

Data Visualization Workshop - $9,500

Are your dashboards and data visualizations in need of a refresh? Are you stuck in the 1990’s with Processbook displays and would like jump 20 years forward with a refreshed, modern look? This is an online, two day workshop for up to six people. I will walk your team through the basics in dashboard design with real-life, proven techniques to rethink your data visualizations and drastically improve the usefulness and value that your PI data delivers. If you would like me on site or for multiple days, let me know and I can give you a custom quote.

OSIsoft Custom Application Developer Mentoring - $4,500/mo

Are your application developers, software engineers, or data scientists struggling with PI or OCS? Do you have an existing application that is slow or has bugs? You might have found out that OSIsoft does not offer support calls for custom applications. Get unstuck and stay productive with my monthly mentoring program.

I offer fixed price services, not hourly rates. I believe that you should not have to worry about tracking time or how many hours it takes me to get the job done.  This way we both stay focused on the value delivered. You know what the cost is up-front, no change-orders, no surprises.

My work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of us working together, I will refund your money back, no questions asked.